Physique Update Lean Bulking Plan Week 1-3 Jamie Johansson Fitness

Physique Update | Lean Bulking Plan | Week 1-3, 2018

This Physique Update Goal:

I am entering a Lean Bulk plan and will record the first 6 weeks physique updates, split into 2 phases. This is to ensure I can accurately focus and track my progress, before ironing out any kinks that may appear.

Rounding out my physique; focusing on shoulders, lats, core and glutes.

To build muscle, increase strength and overall fitness (stamina). 

I will always be honest and transparent with my fitness journey and physique updates for bulking and cutting phases. My plan is based on where I currently am in terms of training and physique goals – with a heavy focus on the physique I personally want to reach.


Weekly Focus Breakdown:

WEEK 1-3: Higher volume/Hypertrophy. Focusing on form with 60-70% of 1RM weight whilst ensuring max effort/within failure (with good form) on the last rep(s) of each sets.

Main Lifts: 10-15 Reps, high volume 6-10 sets dependent on lift.

Accessory work: 8-12 Rep range.

WEEK 4-6: Strength focus working closer to 80-95% of 1RM of numbers dependant on lift.

Main lifts: 4-8 Rep range.

Accessory work: 8-12 Rep range.

Starting Physique Week One:

Height: 5″1

Weight: 107.8 lbs

Current Physique Stats:

Weight: 110 lbs

Macros: 116P/250C/54F = 1950 calories

Macros are based on my current physique, goals and will be increased at a steady rate over the coming weeks to meet demands of training.

My Lifting Numbers Week 1:

Squat: 50kg x 10 reps

Deadlift: 80kg x 10 reps

Hip Thrust: 60kg x 10 reps

My Current Lifting Numbers:

Squat: 55 kg x 10 reps

Deadlift: 90kg x 10 reps

Hip Thrust: 80kg x 10 reps

What I’ve learnt so far

Week 1 notes:

Form was hard to get back into, hip thrust incredibly challenging. I focused on getting a good range of motion, throughout eccentric and concentric part of each movement. This led me to utilising a slower temp of 3-4 second on each, creating a greater challenge than anticipated.

Hip Thrust: I used to love Hip Thrusts but struggled with foot placement and found either quads of hamstrings taking over, midway through movement. This week I challenged myself to 10×10, using 50kg which took me a good 45 minutes. My main focus, apart from regaining my mind-muscle connection with my glutes, was keeping my core solid as fatigue started kicking in. Challenging but necessary to ensure my lower back didn’t take the load- and worth it in the end.

Squats: Admittedly, squats is a movement I don’t do frequently. I do have issues with my knees; the ‘clicky’ syndrome which no amount of omegas seem to fix. The issue stems from my childhood love of competitive sprinting, and I will go through the rest of my life carefully tip-toeing around this movement – but not ruling it out, due to strength and overall leg development.

Deadlifts: I am focusing on Sumo Deadlift as my variation. I feel more secure and find I can engage my legs, especially glutes, better- and a bonus is that they keep my knees out of the bar path as I am notorious for getting my shins torn to shreds and banging my already bad knees around.

Week 2-3 notes:

Macros are working well – I’ve got a lot more energy in the gym but feel I might need to push them a bit higher for week 4, start of phase 2 of my programme.

I managed to catch that cough going around, in the middle of a 13/14 days working week- but still made it to the gym 3 times. I felt a lot better for it, but needed the rest for the remaining days this week.

I’m enjoying my variety and experiments with food – almond croissant is a daily staple which will be honoured. I’m quite flexible but I am most definitely tracking. I do find that my biggest struggle is in fact under-eating when I get busy, which is a no-no. Without food, no muscle shall be gained.


I aim to set constant goals which evolve as I grow and learnplease don’t hesitate to throw me a shout with any questions you have for me or ideas that are working for you. I’m all for sharing, so hit me up in the comments 🙂

Physique Update Lean Bulking Plan Week 1-3 Jamie Johansson Fitness


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