The idea for JOHANSSON FITNESS came about in 2013 when I was OBSESSED with doughnuts.

I honestly believed that rainbow-sprinkled-iced doughnuts, along with jam and vanilla filled options, were all a perfectly valid source of dietary fats and carbs. Like I said, obsessed!

That’s not the case anymore.

Now I only really like them! 



I believe fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle. Being healthy is not a fad, it’s not a quick fix or a debate. I believe that being healthy is a process and a solution to the issue of feeling sluggish, lethargic, less motivated and self-aware.

Every morning when we wake up, our life-account gets an automatic deposit of 24 more hours.

Our health is the best guarantee for this deposit. The quality of your health will determine your energy, motivation and capability. Use each day to become the strongest, happiest you. Thrive, love, laugh- and pick up some weights.




I believe that to be confident in yourself you have to work on yourself. You have to feel proud of yourself and your efforts.

Know that as long as you’re trying, each day is one more step forward. You have to trust that you can be stronger than yesterday. You already are.

Motivation is fleeting. What motivated us a few years back, in our teens or in our fifties, rarely cause the same motivation today. Motivation fades- and that’s perfectly fine.

Instead, use the motivation you have today to form SET GOALS AND FORM A HABIT. Once you have created a real habit; even you will struggle to break it.



My Fitness Journey

My son Maximus was born in 2013. He is everything. I always say that ‘It’s truly strange how you never realise something was missing, until they come along‘.

His father (Robert) was the first to introduce me to a healthy lifestyle. So much so, that our little household slogan is ‘meat and nuts for breakfast’.

Robert had his routine of about eighty-thousand-meals-a-day alongside his self-written gym routines.

This led me to what I refer to as Phase #1 of my fitness journey. I started off as more of a smoothie-kinda-gal. I loved short but intense workouts that fit into my life of being ‘generally creative and all over the place’ (sounds so much better than just plain lazy, doesn’t it?).


We have the opportunity today to evaluate what we did yesterday. To join me I want you to take a deep breath through your nostrils and let the air fill your ribcage. As you breath out I want you to KNOW that when it comes to YOUR body and YOUR mind, the past is not an everlasting punishment. It’s an experience to learn from. Together I want to set big goals. Together I want to ensure we never lose sight of our progress. I want us to take one step at a time- so we may stand together down the line, look back and realise that we’ve walked a million miles. Together we will always become STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY.

Where in your journey are you currently at? How is your confidence doing?

Where is your motivation right now? And where has it taken you?

How are we going to use our motivation to set our goals- and create the habits we actually do want?

Why should we do this alone, when we are stronger together?

The last one’s easy; we shouldn’t. So let’s do this together!




 A lot of people seem to find my blog through my fitness posts (especially my 30-Day Squat Challenge). After having my son, now eight months ago, the will to get back into shape and loose the mummy-weight was so unbelievably strong. I try to live healthily which has given me far more energy, but I also believe in treating myself when I feel like it. To me, a healthy lifestyle means not just a healthy body but also a healthy, happy mind where self-acceptance plays a very big part.

This can be the hardest part to get to, but once you do, it’s amazing as to what you can conquer in other areas of your life.
It’s important to me to let you know that this blog won’t revolve singly around health and fitness, but more around my lifestyle and the things that I do love. Health is a big part, indeed, and I will always post my personal thoughts, discoveries and progress on my fitness journeys. This subject is at the time of writing under 20% of my life and will appear so in the blog, most likely with ‘phases’ where more content is shared throughout the year.

With Love,
Jamie-Sofia, xx.


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