Jamie Johansson Fitness – inspiration and full glute workout plan on how to build glute muscle, leg strength, tone arms and abs with how-to videos that are easy to follow from the start of your fitness journey.

Follow my weightloss journey after baby to building muscle, gaining strength and how to get fit, how to get stronger than yesterday.

  Physique Update | Lean Bulking Plan | Week 1-3, 2018 This Physique Update Goal: I am entering a Lean Bulk plan and will record the first 6 weeks physique updates, split into 2 phases. This is to ensure I can accurately focus and track my progress, before ironing out any kinks that may appear. Rounding out my physique; focusing on shoulders, lats, core and glutes. To build muscle, increase strength and overall fitness (stamina).  I will always be honest and…

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30 Day Squat Challenge Results | Before & After

2018 UPDATE on my 30 Day Squat Challenge: I have since this 30 Day Squat Challenge in 2013 posted a recent 2018 physique update HERE. If you have any questions, please pop the in the comments or head over to my new instagram HERE. The journey has been a long one, as we’re approaching 5 years from this original post. When I did this 30 Day Squat Challenge I was 3-months postpartum with my son Maximus- and has since fallen…
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