I want to share some of my top everyday diet mistakes that I have made over the past 3 years. I’m not here to preach anything but being honest with yourself. There was a time where I would have considered myself quirky and said I would have liked my Protein, Fats and Carbs to come from cheese, doughnuts and burgers but that’s not the case anymore. Mainly because I would not like my blood sugar to spike, followed by dips that caused me to…

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BREAKFAST RECIPE | Egg white Oats w. Goji Berries

My Quick Egg white Oats Recipe: This egg white oats breakfast is incredibly quick to make yet such a treat for the tastebuds. (No eggy madness, just creamy-dreamy yumminess). It’s full of antioxidant-boosting berries (I’ve chosen both blueberries and goji today!), and hearty egg white protein that is sure to become your new morning favourite. I just have to reiterate that the egg whites provide a light and airy texture, building the volume of the meal to help with sustainable…
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